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Vendor Corner- What will you see at the fair?

These are just a few of our fabulous and talented vendors!



“Best show in NWA.”

Karen's Candy Kitchen

“The Lloyd's do awesome advertising and treat their vendors like family!”

Simply Sassy Suppers


“This show is just like our homemade fudge, "as good as it gets"!”

Land Rush Gourmet Candy


“As a vendor this is one of my very favorite shows to participate in. No surprises! You know what you can expect before you get there. Organized and I appreciate the predictable indoor environment. Happy Shoppers/Happy Vendors

Studio Bliss


“Great show, one of my best”

Joe Fletcher


“The Lloyd's host professional events that support the vendor and the community and I look forward to returning and seeing past customers and meeting new ones at the John Q Hammonds show.”

Just Ash Creations


“One of our favorite shows of the year! Well organized, with extreme care given to the effort of producing great experiences for both vendors and customers.”

Gardner's Wisconsin Cheese


“This is the BEST show!”

Friends Painting For Pleasure


“I have done this show for 5 years. It is the best in the area. Promoters know how to put on a show. I have met some of the greatest vendors and customers that come back year after year.”

Debbie's  Embroidery



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